Tertiary Preparation Questions | MCFE

Q: I want to study Business, is this course right for me?

A: This would be a perfect certificate for you to get before starting your Business degree – You will learn all the fundamental things to know about why Social Media Marketing is important in any Business. You’ll learn how to Integrate a Marketing Plan for a Business, Managing budgets, and speaking to real Business clients. This would get you ahead of your class by learning all of the foundation elements that you’ll later learn in further study.

Q: What is Tertiary Preparation?
A: Tertiary  = Education at a University Preparation = Getting ready to start. Do you feel like you need more time to study before heading to university? Or do you just want to be more prepared and educated before starting your course? Well our Certificate IV in Tertiary Preparation majors in Social Media Marketing – so if you’re looking at getting into the Business or Marketing industry, perhaps this could be the right place to start. We’ll teach you all the necessary things you need for getting accepting into University like; how to build presentations, how to reference, social media marketing entry level learnings AND you’ll graduate with a portfolio of your work to show on your application for further study.