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Fees & Funding

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Skills First Funding

Most of our courses are eligible for Victorian government funding via the Skills First Program. If you are eligible for a government subsidised place, it can cover the majority, if not all of your course costs.

To check your individual eligibility or if you want further course information call/email the office. There are limitations to using Victorian government funding, you need to make sure you are using your funding for the right course, as it may affect your access to future government funding.

Basic Skills First Funding Eligibility

  1. You must be an Australian, a New Zealand Citizen or a Permanent Resident
  2. You must be up-skilling to a higher qualification than you already hold (unless under 20 at the 1st of January this year)
    • Eligibility exemptions may apply for this criteria
  3. You can enrol in a maximum of two government-subsidised courses in one year
  4. You can undertake up to two government-subsidised courses at one time
  5. You can only ever begin a maximum of two government-subsidised courses at the same qualification level.
    • Eligibility exemptions may apply for this criteria

*Funding rules may differ slightly for courses on the foundations skills list and apprenticeships.

Your government funded enrolment for qualifications is not confirmed until you have had a chance to trial the course, your enrolment will be reported on the attendance of your second session.   At enrolment, a Driver’s license or passport and a Medicare card (or Australian/NZ passport) is required if you wish to access funding. Bring any prior certificates for any course you may have completed as we may be able to apply for credit transfers.

Job Trainer Funding

MCFE currently has access to limited Job Trainer places for the following qualifications:

  • CHC33015 – Certificate III Individual Support
  • CHC30113 – Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care
  • CHC50113 – Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care
  • BSB41419 – Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety

If you were not eligible for Skills First funding because you did NOT meet the “upskilling” requirement or “two at a level in a life time” you could get an exemption under the Job Trainer fund if you are:

  • 17-24  or
  • A job seeker of any age (evidence required such as concession card or separation certificate)

Other eligibility criteria and/or exemptions may apply. Student can only access the JobTrainer initiative once. Different criteria applies if you are recommencing a previous JobTrainer enrolment. Contact our office for further information.

In your lifetime, you can commence one full qualification and one skill set under JobTrainer.

Vet Student Loans

We have the approval to deliver CHC50113 Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care, with access to Vet Student Loans (VSL).

A Vet Student Loan is a government loan for eligible students studying an approved course at Diploma level or above. Students can access a loan, which is paid directly to Melbourne College of Further Education (MCFE), to cover their course fees. Students repay the loan (plus a 20% loan fee for full fee paying students) to the Australian Government through the tax system. The VET Student Loan fee is not included in a person’s FEE-HELP balance but is included in a person’s VETSL debt as per the VET Student Loans Act 2016. Your repayments to the government commence when you earn over the threshold, the threshold changes each year:

The compulsory repayment threshold for the 2021-2022 income year will be $47,014. For further information on thresholds, please read here.

Your VET Student Loan becomes part of your VETSL debt. Before you can apply for a VSL you must read the Australian Government Vet Student Loans -Information for students guide. There is also a information page with FAQ’s for students that you can read here


The following information is very important for students to read prior to confirming enrolment and applying for a VSL.

Schedule of tuition fees specific to CHC50113. If applying for a VSL to cover this fee, this is a debt you will need to repay to the Commonwealth government.

Course start dates, planned completion dates, fee periods and census dates: These are listed in your timetables, (Dates may change from time-to-time). Census dates for the CHC50113 Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care are the point when you have completed 20% of the unit of study. If the census date falls on a weekend or public holiday, it will be moved to the next business day that our head office is open. The census dates will not be earlier than 20% of that fee period. Exact census dates for 2020/2021 for each training location can be found here.

Student Entry Procedure (full details within the MCFE VSL guide below)

  1. You enquire about course and VSL
  2. MCFE sends you an email with a Vet Student Loan information pack
  3. You need to collect your eligibility evidence (ID and copies of certificates)
  4. You will then attend a face-to-face information session, which includes information on:
    1. Fees, census dates, fee periods, Vet Student Loan information
    2. Course information, training plan and course timetable
    3. A pre-training review and enrolment form
    4. We will assess your eligibility documentation during this session
  5. If suitable for the course and eligible for Vet Student Loan we will process your enrolment and send you a welcome email and letter with your Vet Student Loan Statement of Covered fees &  Vet Student Loan Fee Notice.
  6. You will be sent a link to eCAF, where you apply for your Vet Student Loan online.
  7. Once all enrolment processes are completed successfully you will commence your first class, this is usually 1-2 weeks after the information session.
  8. Throughout the course, to maintain your Vet Student Loan, you will need to confirm with the government that you are progressing successfully, you also need to show us suitable progression, with attending classes and submitting assessments regularly.
  9. You will receive a  VSL Fee notice before every census date and a Commonwealth assistance notice (CAN) after each census date.
  10.  If you wish to cancel or withdraw from the course, you will need to be aware of the withdrawal procedures (within the MCFE VSL guide) and use this VSL withdrawal form

Documents you must read

This guide provides general VSL information and our policies and processes for eligibility, the process of applying for a loan, census dates, withdrawing or canceling a course, refunds,  personal information procedures, complaints & appeals, fair treatment and equal opportunity procedures, engagement of agents, repaying your loan/debt.

MCFE staff should read the VSL rules and our staff, trainers & brokers VSL guide.

Learning Literacy & Numeracy Test (LLN)

If you do not have the required evidence for academic suitability (Year 12 Certificate or a Certificate IV) you will need to complete the approved online LLN test. We have purchased the LLN Robot from the Learning Resource Group. The assessment takes an average of 40 minutes -1.5 hour to complete. You must get at least 13/15 to be considered at exit level 3 for both the Numeracy and reading sections, which is the requirement for Vet Student Loans. Student instructions for the LLN Robot are here, we will need to send you an email invite to access the correct test.

Vet Student Loans  – Brokers

In accordance with section 49 of the VET Student Loans Act 2016, MCFE specifically refrains from entering into any arrangement, whether written or not, that provides for another person to do any of the following in relation to an approved course:

(a)        enrol students, or accept applications for enrolment, in the course;

(b)        provide information or advice in relation to VET Student Loans (however described) for the course;

(c)        assist students to complete or submit applications for a VET Student Loan for the course;

(d)        assist, or provide support for, students who could be eligible for a VET Student Loan for the course to complete any assessments required to show that students are academically suited to undertake the course.

In accordance with sections 62 and 63 of the VET Student Loans Act 2016, in cold calling a person or in using a third party contact list to contact a person, MCFE specifically refrains from referring to the possible availability of a VET Student Loan, however described, for students undertaking a course.

Industry Partners

Referrals & Brokers

MCFE, as a division of iAscend, engages marketing brokers to work with relevant enterprises and service agencies and to refer to us potential students for whom training in specific courses may be suitable and appropriate to their vocational needs.  A fee is paid to these brokers for these services.

Marketing brokers currently engaged are:

  • Victoria Recruitment Agency
  • Ethical Training Solutions
  • My Health HR
  • SBN Training Solutions
  • Connect Education and Training trading as Ace Education and Training
  • Complet-Ed
  • Construction HR Solutions trading as First Step Training
  • A.C.N 642773126 Pty Ltd trading as Imperial Education
  • Educor
  • Accommodation Association of Australia Inc

As a member of the Independent Tertiary Education Council Australia (ITECA), MCFE follows the ITECA Code of Ethics to ensure that agents engaged by MCFE conform to the highest professional and ethical standards.

The brokers are reported to ASQA and Skills Victoria prior to commencing their contract. If you would like to become a partner with MCFE, please complete the Broker Application form and email to [email protected]

Quality reports

iAscend Polytechnic  Pty Ltd, trading as Melbourne College of Further Education (MCFE) is registered with the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA).

To check our registration details as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) click here This website will provide a summary of our RTO, scope of registration (what courses we can deliver), key contacts, restrictions and what States we can deliver in.

MCFE believe in delivering quality training and assessment. We ensure we comply with the Victorian Governments Quality Charter as well as our own service standards.

MCFE Service Standards

  • Be transparent
  • Be honest
  • Be better – strive to continuously improve
  • Be yourself and let others be themselves – equality for all
  • Be informed

Quality Indicators – Student and Employer Surveys

To view the latest quality indicator report click here. The students (if applicable) and employers surveyed for these indicators were selected by this organisation in accordance with national guidelines.

Audit Reports

The last audit conducted by the regulatory body was in August 2015, this was a compliance monitoring audit.  The copy of the audit report from located here.

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