Strong jobs growth projected in Aged and Disabled Carers

The Australian Government is expecting very strong growth in the occupation of Aged and Disabled Carers, with the number of workers expected to grow to 241,200 by May 2022. They are also predicting 184,000 job openings are likely due to workers leaving and new jobs being created.

There is a high representation of females, within the workforce with 8o.1% versus 19.9% male. 51.2% have a top qualifcation of Cert III/IV, see our certificate III Individual Support.

While the average age of workers being 47 years, workers do span every age demographic. The profile does demonstrate on average a higher % of older workers and with part-time work being very common.

Combined with a lower than average unemployment rate in 2016, this could be a great industry for employment opportunities and longevity within the work force.